Lindsey S. Nagy(non-registered)
Ashleigh, I have been marveling over your works currently on display at the Park Avenue Club ~ and I am clearly not the only one! You have a wonderful eye and a talent for captions as well. Thank you for sharing your love for wildlife in such a beautiful and thoughtful manner. DO NOT STOP ~ you have a gift! I'm certain that i will buy a large print in the future. God bless.
Sara VanDerhoven(non-registered)
Amazing works Ashleigh! Thanks for sharing with us!
Marc Tisseau(non-registered)
Very beautiful pictures congratulations you've got talent !

Marc (France)
Lizzie Toal(non-registered)
ThankYou so much for your dedication to your work. as an inspiring photographer it makes me happy seeing the work of someone young really inspires me.
i hope you can contact me with any hints or tips. thanks for making my college work more easy to write about your amazing images.
C. C(non-registered)
Dear Ashleigh,

Thank-you so much for sharing your glorious work with us.

Senator Menendez read your well written letter on youtube.
He received 40,000 emails. See how the Lord works. He gave you the talent
to photograph and you made a difference in the world. Your talent certainly got the senators attention. Keep up your good work!
Dave W(non-registered)
Excellent photography. Excellent eye and use of light. In essence, a pleasure to sit back and view your images. Well done!
Dear Ashleigh, I came across your work on the Natural History Museum's Gallery and it led me to your site. You - and in turn we - are so fortunate to have this passion. Keep telling these stories through your eyes and your trusty lens. There is so much ahead and if this is where you already are then I cannot wait to see what more of this beautiful worlds creatures and their intimate moments you can share with us.
Wishing you a wonderful journey!
Jan Donlan(non-registered)
Wow!! No wonder your grandparents are so proud of you. What a talent you have!
Jemma Pattrick(non-registered)
Hi Ashleigh,

In 2015, I saw Mama's Back at the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition in London. I wanted to tell you that, having been a huge wildlife photography fan since I was a child, that photo really stayed with me. I stood in front of it and cried for a full 15 minutes! It is so beautiful, it really moved me.

Having been to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 exhibition again today, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that my two favourite photographs, Bear Hug and Stuck In, were yours too! I cannot believe that you are only 15 years of age... I am so in awe of your talent. I'll look forward to following your work for years to come.

Best wishes from London,
I've seen you photo in the newspapers, and it is wonderfull, great job <3
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