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Outside of Tavel øya, Europe's northernmost point. Svalbad, NorwayWaiting on a walrus colony. Svalbard, NorwayCandid from the zodiac. Svalbard, NorwayPhotographing a polar bear in Svalbard, NorwayWalking back from photographing a walrus colony. Svalbard, NorwayCandid from Svalbard, NorwayReviewing photos of polar bears on a zodiac. Svalbard, NorwayClimbing the Root Glacier in AK. July, 2021Free diving in Tortuga bay. July, 2022Photographing Grizzly 399. May, 2022Diving in the Grenadines. July 2022Hiking to Delta Lake in Grand Teton National Park. May 2022Diving in Saint Vincent. June 2022Ice climbing on the Root Glacier, AK. July 2021Sailing between Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent, July 2022Climbed Mount Glory, Grand Teton Range, August 2021Diving in the Grenadines, July 20222017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Winner, with my image "Stuck In"Photographing in the Fall Foliage, WyomingPhotographing a Great Gray Owl in Wyoming