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2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Winner, with my image "Stuck In"Photographing in the Fall Foliage, WyomingPhotographing a Great Gray Owl in Wyoming2016 Nature's Best Windland Smith Rice AwardsOn the Madison River, Yellowstone, 2016Photographing waterfowl in Hyde Park, LondonLooking for Owls, IdahoPhotographing a Great Gray Owlet, WyomingPhotographing Great Gray Owls, WyomingChecking my histogram in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.Framing a bull elk in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.Spotting a badger burrow near a colony of uinta ground squirrels along the banks of the North Platte River in Wyoming.Composing one of my favorite photography subjects, the great gray owl, near Jackson, Wyoming.Framing a distant snowy owl along the New Jersey shore.Presenting at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts for Wyoming Untrapped, October, 2016